What is Wi-Fi? What are its advantages and uses

What is Wi-Fi? What are its advantages and uses

What is Wi-Fi? : wifi is a network feature through which you can connect your computer, smartphone, laptop or any other device to the internet without the wire, but it has an area defined. You can only take advantage of this within the same area. Also, the speed of its use is also determined. To use it, you can put it on your home or your work place based on monthly charges.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is very popular in today’s world due to its easy setup and its low cost. Nowadays, you will see almost every computer around you wifi connected to the network, because wifi is very desirable in today’s modern life. Everywhere you go anywhere you need an internet connection, so you always have internet connections in your mobile or in your laptop too. That’s why sometimes we have an idea of ​​hacking wifi in our brains. Hacking Wifi is not a difficult task, but any person who has a little bit of information related to the computer can easily hack wifi in two minutes and easily break the wifi password and enjoy the internet connection freely. is.

Why is Wifi used?

  • Access – Wifi is the process of using an uninterrupted internet. Due to non-wire, its internet speed gets faster and you can use it wherever you want, which is not possible in wired internet connection.
  • Productivity – If you have a wifi connection then this is the most important fact for you, because you have to see how much profit you can get after wifi and how much production you get from it.
  • Mobility – The wifi network is a network that works without any reason, you can use your wifi, such as park, coffee shops or any other place, especially where there is a wifi hotspot.

Distribution – If talk of wifi, due to non-use of wire, its distribution is also very easy and its accessibility is also increasing day by day.

  • Cost – Because if the wires are not used to install wifi, then you do not have to pay any salaries to get it or no separate salmon is needed, it makes a difference to its cost, Finds at a lower price.

Advantages of Wifi:

  1. It allows you to run the internet without paying at no cost.
  2. You are always connected to the internet and can take advantage of the benefits of internet access.
  3. You are able to do your tasks connected to the Internet even away from your home.
  4. You can also connect through hotspot from any wifi network near your area.
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