What is computer is what is computer

What is computer is what is computer

Computer is called a computer, computer machine or parcel

A lot of people tell the computer’s full full form, but in truth, there is no full form of computer. In a lot of sources, the full form of computer – C = Commonly O = Operating M = Machine P = Particularly U = Used for T = Technical and E = Educational R = Research has been described but it will later interpret the computer according to its function Has been define. The computer is also known as short com or puter. Computer has been taken from wordcomputations, which means calculation and computer mean calculator. It is said that computer term was originally called those people who performed numerical calculations with the help of mechanical calculators such as abacus or slide rule. Later, this term began to be used for mechanical devices which used to perform calculation and today the “electronic device which can process input by producing a meaningful output” is called a computer.

What is a computer: Computer is an electronic device that takes input from data processing process by producing them meaningful output information. The computer has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data. With the help of computer you can type documents, send mail, play games, print, browse information on the internet, can calculate, watch movies, listen to songs, and Too much

The computer is an advanced electronic device that can be instructed for any type of arithmetic or logical operation and it automatically shows process by processing it within a time limit. To perform a task in a computer, some set of rules are created which can perform sequence of operations which is called a program. The computer consists of two things: one software (also known as a program) and the second hardware. Compared to software, computer hardware can be physically touched. If the computer is defined in the hardware form then it is a collection of many physical components or parts, which have parts like computer case, monitor, keyboard, and mouse etc. In a computer case, hard disk drive, motherboard, video card, memory etc. are kept.

Hardware – Hardware is the physical structure of a computer that you can touch, such as keyboard, mouse, computer case etc. Inside there are internal parts of the computer such as hard disk, motherboard, CPU etc.

Software – This is made up of set of instructions, which tells hardware what to work and how to do it. Software is example – word processor, games, calculator etc.

For everything you do on a computer, both computer hardware and software comes in handy, as if you are currently reading this article on the web browser with the help of internet, you can use it for computer or mobile Hardware (such as monitor, touch screen etc.) are being used. The computer needs both elements hardware and software to perform any kind of operation.

There are two types of parts in computer hardware – Input and output devices.

Input devices: The device with which you give any instruction or input to the computer and after receiving it, then process the computer to send the data to the output device. Some examples of hand-operated input devices are:

Computer keyboard


Digital camera

Digital video

Graphics tablet

Image scanner



Overlay keyboard



Output devices: These are the devices on which computer data is processed and outputs. Click here to know more about Output Devices –

Computer monitor


PC speaker


Sound card

Video card

Important parts of computer – Some of the input and output devices mentioned above can be optional, without which the computer can run, but some parts of the computer are such that without which the computer can not be used. This is –

Processor – This component works to execute or process the instructions in the computer. Know more about Processor

Memory (RAM) – This is the computer’s temporary storage area. Learn more aboutRAM

Motherboard – It comes in use to connect all the components of the computer. Learn more about Motherboard

Hard Drive – This is the area where the OS, software and data are permanently saved.

Type of computer – How many types of computer it can be, it has been defined on the basis of computer’s size, speed and power. Type of Computer

Personal computer

Mini computer


Mainframe computer

Super computer


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