What is Bitcoin? How Bitcoin Can Earn

What is Bitcoin? How Bitcoin Can Earn

What is Bitcoin? How can Bitcoin earn? What is the cost of Bitcoin, who has discovered Bitcoin, and how Bitcoin is transmitted, will give you all these information through this blog today. Bitcoin is a currency of internet; This currency is different from other currencies such as Rupees, Dollars and is used for transactions on the internet in many countries of the world. However, fewer people in India know about this posture. And even now our country’s government has not given it official approval, even then this people of our country continue to transact through this currency. So let’s know what is Bitcoin? What is Bitcoin in hindi

What is Bitcoin? How Bitcoin can Earn:

Bitcoin is an virtual currency of the Internet that was created by an unknown person in 2009 using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. As mentioned, Bitcoin is a type of digital currency that we can not keep in our pocket nor deposit it in any bank. Bitcoin transactions can be done only through internet and only need to be made to deposit bitcoine online wallet. Bitcoin is an open source currency that any person can use. This currency is like a point that we can convert to our country’s currency accordingly.

How much is a Bitcoin Price:

The price of bitcoin depends on its demand. Currently, the price of a Bitcoin is around 2702.51 US Dollar i.e. 173379 Indian Rupee i.e. One lakh rupees seventy thousand rupees.

How does the price of bitcoin determine?

As already mentioned, bitcoine is an open source currency i.e. there is no official owner of this currency, so determining the cost of bitcoin depends on its demand and supply. When the demand for Bitcoins increases, the prices also increase and prices also fall when the demand falls. Although Bitcoin’s market is still relatively small, in order to move the market value up or down, no more money is needed.

Is Bitcoin Legal:

Depending on the validity of Bitcoin, where you are located, Bitcoin was legalized as a formal method of payment in Japan this year, and it may also be possible to get validation even in India. Although in most countries, this is going to be somewhat in a gray zone, in which there is no official restriction or approval of Vitcoine.

How Bitcoin can Earn:

There are several ways to earn bitcoin, some of which I am telling you. By following which you can know how Bitcoin can earn?

  1. Bitcoin Can Earn Bitcoin By Buy

The first thing is that you can buy it directly. And for this, you have to pay the full amount together. bitcoin is also a full currency such as rupee 1 rupee has 100 paisa. In exactly the same way, 1 bitcoin contains 10 million Satoshi. You can buy as many Satoshi or Bitcoin as you like. For this, you have to pay the current price of bitcoin.

  1. Earn Free Bitcoin by completing tasks on websites

There are some websites that do some Tasks from you, instead you give some Satoshi. In these Tasks you will see an advertisement, watch or seek a video or go to a website, in exchange for which you get a Satakhi small unit of bitcoin, which you can transfer whenever you want to your bitcoin wallet. Some such websites include BitVisitor, CoinWorker, Bitfortip etc.

  1. Earn by Bitcoins mining:

Bitcoin is the way to earn which is called bitcoin mining. Bitcoin mining is a process by which new bitcoins are produced. Bitcoin mining will require some things such as: a computer with High speed processer, electricity and internet Now know how do mining? Whenever a user transmits online using bitcoin, then the process has to be verified. This process is called. In return we get some commission which is part of the transaction, as a result we get some satoshi or bitcoin. For this we need a very good quality computer with High speed processer. Such a computer costs too much.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin?

  • Bitcoin has many advantages such as some people sell it at the rate of bitcoin, and earn a lot of money in return. However, this possibility is being expressed that the way Prakashan is growing, according to that, the cost of a bitcoin can reach up to Rs 5 lakh by 2020.
  • The biggest benefit of this is freedom of payment – as it is an independent currency and does not come in the jurisdiction of any bank etc. Therefore it can be sent to any place in the world immediately, it is possible to send or receive any amount . It does not have any kind of bank holiday or limit. Users have full control over their money on bitcoin.
  • There is currently no charge for transactions with Bitcoin and if there is a fee for any product, or service then in very less percentage. Transaction from Bitcoin takes very little fees compared to other Paypal or Credit Card.

What is the loss of bitcoin?

  • Many people are still unaware of Bitcoin. And those people do not accept transactions from bitcoin.
  • BitToine is still not fully developed; it is still being worked on new equipment and services to make bittoine more safer and easier for the common people.
  • Bitcoin is a loss and it is its price instability.

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